The Big Business Of Medical Marijuana Raids

Many of you know about the federal law enforcement raids in Montana recently; they executed 30 search warrants in 13 cities. The U.S. Attorney claims the raids were on medical marijuana businesses who were into large-scale marijuana trafficking and tax evasion.

They also claim these investigations have been ongoing for the past 18 months. Impressive, but here is the kicker: there have been no arrests as of yet, but some $3.6 million were seized from various bank accounts by the feds. Pretty good for 18 months of “work,” the work allegedly involving undercover agents buying a lot of weed illegally from dispensary owners and operators.

I’ll concede that if this is true, these dispensaries were operating illegally under state law. But if they were breaking the law, why hasn’t anyone been arrested? Are the feds even going to keep up the pretense that they are fighting a War on Drugs, or are they just going straight to blatant robbery?

And this brings up one of the shortcomings of medical marijuana laws: as long as marijuana prohibition exists, it will act as a corrupting influence on “legal” cannabis. Huge black market profits will always lure some who dream of having everything they’ve ever wanted.

Our opponents will claim this is only a cop-out and excuse to make weed legal, but how else can you bring black market profits down and control the cannabis market? Prohibition totally fails to reduce use marijuana use and enriches the most violent and criminally inclined among us, so what’s the point? If something doesn’t accomplish any of its goals, it can be classified a failure.

Of course, can seizing $3.6 million be considered a failure? Maybe there is a point to The War on Drugs after all.

via : The 420 Times

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