The Game Spent Album Advance On Marijuana

Rapper The Game spent a chunk of his first album advance on six pounds of marijuana – because he was still trying to make ends meet as a drug dealer.

The Dreams hitmaker was signed to hip-hop icon Dr. Dre’s Aftermath Entertainment label in 2003, two years before his debut record The Documentary hit retailers, and he admits that despite having the support of his famous mentor, he wasn’t sure if he would make it in the music industry – so he used his initial pay check to restock his drug supply.

He tells Complex magazine, “Six pounds of fucking chronic (marijuana). I was still hustling. That’s to be totally honest.”

“I didn’t know what rap was going to bring. I spent my advance check on my mom and my family and shit. I used the (leftover) money I had to get some weed so I could slang (sell) that sitt and keep myself afloat.

“I think I spent about $4,500 (on marijuana).”

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