The iHit iPhone Case Ineffectively Hides Your Stash

This Kickstarter project, while noble, seems to be slightly misguided. The case, designed for the iPhone 4, has a small side compartment for taking “various small goodies with you, such as vitamins and mints” or, barring those sundries, a loosie cig or (and this is only conjecture) a “joint” of “marijuana.”

I can only imagine the reaction of the “fuzz” to such an obvious attempt to disguise the consumption of the “devil weed” in what appears to be a very lopsided phone case.

For $20 you get a case and for $25 you get the case and something called a “one-hitter” that allows the owner to smoke a small amount of tobacco discretely using a small metallic pipe shaped like cigarette.

It is my understanding that these “one-hitters” are popular with heavy metal listeners, skaters, and “heshers” for their convenience and fashionable styling. No other use is implied or warranted.

This contrivance was invented by Mssrs. Joshua and Edward, late of Miami, Florida, two gentlemen who I’m sure will go far in the industry of thinking-up wacky cases while consuming illicit substances.

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