The Marijuana Diet: Study Says Pot Smokers Tend to be Skinnier (Really)

You know the stereotype: Marijuana user = Jonah Hill-looking dude who lives on his friend’s couch. But if you look at the daily smokers around you, and we know you have daily smokers around you, this being the pot shop capital of the nation and all, what are you looking at? You see skinny people.

For the first time, a study seems to back up the observation that stoners are actually lithe: Research published last week in the American Journal of Epidemiology (via our friends at SF Weekly) finds that weed smokers on average are more likely to have normal weight. Parsing data, researchers found that 22 percent of nonsmokers were overweight while only 14 percent of bud aficionados were. Those ID’d as potheads had to smoke at least three times a week under the study.

What munchies? This might explain why pot-smoking women are often, well, smoking hot. Interesting, because one of the arguments for legalizing medical marijuana is that it can be used to boost the appetites of AIDS sufferers and cancer patients who have trouble keeping weight on. Still a valid use? Whatever works. But we do know that the Marijuana Diet sounds way cooler than any eating plan South Beach Miami has ever produced.

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