Thieves Killed Man for Marijuana in Home Invasion

handgunThe shots were fired around 11:00 p.m. Sunday night at a home in Elderwood. Tulare County Deputies stayed on scene through Monday Afternoon. They say the shooters were after pot and killed a man for it.

Sergeant Chris Douglass said, “They had cut a phone cord to the house so they couldn’t make any calls out and demanded money and also had taken an undisclosed amount of processed marijuana.”

There were three people home at the time. The thieves shot and killed Raul Gonzalez, a 30-year-old man who lived there. The two others escaped and called for help. Richard Dunkin said his neighbor tried to revive Gonzalez, “He still had a pulse but he couldn’t bring him back.” When deputies arrived, the thieves were already gone, “We’re not sure how many there were or in what method they fled, we’re hoping someone may have seen or heard something,” Sgt Douglass added.

Elderwood is a small town just North of Woodlake. Chuck House, who lives nearby says it’s normally a peaceful place, “Nothing like this happens out here, this is a little rural community, it’s been nothing for years… this is scary.” Investigators blame the marijuana. They say there’s a grow behind the home. Dunkin says he knew about it. He says the people who live there are friendly but they’ve always kept to themselves, “It’s a shame, Raul was good people.”

Detectives don’t have very many leads. They don’t know what the shooters look like or how many there were. They need help finding them and are hoping witnesses will come forward.
Deputies say the gunmen were heard speaking English and Spanish. They believe two to four people are responsible and on the run. If you Office.

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