Tooth Soap Announces Launch of Hemp Oral Care Product

Tooth Soap Announces Launch of Hemp Oral Care Product

It is well known that hemp oil contains properties that are beneficial to the body and Tooth Soap, Inc. is at the forefront of formulating with this antiseptic and anti-inflammatory oil.

Since 2003, Tooth Soap® has grown to become the leading all natural, non-toxic alternative to toothpaste. Tooth Soap®, made with organic whole foods, natural and wildcrafted sustainable ingredients, flawlessly cleans teeth and gums by scrubbing fissures and pits in teeth (the most common place for cavities) to remove oils, residues and other contaminants. Tooth Soap® leaves teeth absolutely clean allowing re-mineralization of teeth to occur naturally and organically.

“Clearly, the Tooth Soap® line of green oral care products would not be complete without one formulation that included organic cannabis sativa (hemp oil).” said Karen Van Cleef, Tooth Soap, Inc.’s Chief Executive Officer.

Tooth Soap® with Peppermint and Hemp is now available in a package that contains Tooth Brightener and Tooth Swish, at a 60% discount.

About Tooth Soap, Inc.:

Tooth Soap, Inc. is an emerging specialty oral care products company with a portfolio of natural and non-toxic oral care products for consumers. For further information about Tooth Soap, Inc., please visit our website at

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