Toronto Mayor Rob Ford endorses marijuana decriminalization

Rob FordToronto Mayor Rob Ford is challenging Canada’s federal government to decriminalize marijuana.

The mayor was asked about the issue Thursday on the Washington, D.C.-based radio show “The Sports Junkies” before making football predictions.

Ford, who previously has said he has smoked “a lot” of marijuana, says decriminalization likely won’t happen in Canada as long as the Conservatives are in power.

He questions that policy, saying, “Why wouldn’t they at least decriminalize it and try to get revenue from it?”

Ford was arrested in Florida in 1999 for driving under the influence of alcohol and marijuana possession. He pleaded no contest to the DUI charge, and the marijuana charge was dropped.

Ford has rebuffed intense pressure to resign over his admitted crack use and revelations of other erratic behavior.

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Toronto Mayor Rob Ford endorses marijuana decriminalization, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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