Two Groups Seek Medical Marijuana Legalization In Ohio

Two groups in Ohio are moving forward with efforts to legalize medical marijuana in the state. One is headed by Cleveland billionaire Peter Lewis,and the other is led by a group of grassroots patients who are attempting to amend the Ohio constitution.  The second group is behind The Ohio Medical Cannabis Act of 2012, which would set up a new regulatory system to govern medical marijuana, modeled after the state liquor regulatory board.

Under the bill, patients with a doctor’s prescription would be able to purchase up to 60 grams of cannabis at a time and would be allowed to transport as much as 200 grams. Patients would also be allowed to grow 12 plants in their home, but permits would be needed to grow and sell medical cannabis.  Teresa Daniello, 43, of Cleveland, said backers of the ballot proposal are a “core group of patients” who want Ohioans to be able to use medical marijuana for specific illnesses and to ease the suffering of those with terminal diseases.

“I am a patient. I do not want to be criminalized, nor do I want to be on 12 Percocets (a prescription painkiller) a day for the rest of my life.”  In the end, that’s what it comes down to. Sick people don’t deserved to be criminalized or made to feel shame for choosing a safer alternative to deadly and addictive prescription drugs.  The group needs 1,000 initial valid signatures to submit the constitutional amendment to the state Attorney general, and after that they will need more than 385,000 signatures to get the issue on the 2012 ballot.

via : The 420 Times

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