Update: King’s Quest III Remake Available Today

Update: Developer AGDI has announced that King’s Quest III Redux is out right now! You can download this remake of the adventure gaming classic right here, totally free of charge.

Well, I know what I’m playing tonight…possibly into early tomorrow morning.

ORIGINAL STORY: Today is a great day to be a fan of adventure games. Roberta Williams’ classic King’s Quest III is being remade by AGDI, the studio responsible for the amazing remakes of King’s Quest I & II and Quest for Glory II. Even better? It’s coming out soon.

According to a team member name going by Erpy on AGDI’s forums, King’s Quest III Redux has been in development for eight years, though the studio kept quiet on the project in order to avoid public pressure. So, in addition to announcing the game’s existence today, AGDI also announced that King’s Quest III Redux will be available for download on PC toward the end of next month.

This remake is a little different from the others in the KQ series. It’s not as direct a translation as KQ 1, and it isn’t as modified as KQ 2. “The underlying plot remains the same,” Erpy explains, “but many existing elements have been given more personality and polish.”

If you’re a total adventure game fiend, you probably know that another KQ 3 remake from Infamous Adventures is already available. I’m glad the adventure genre is living on in the care of its fans, but I’m particularly excited to see what King’s Quest III becomes at the skilled hands of AGDI.

via: GameInformer

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