Uruguay Government Launches Marijuana Cultivation Training Courses

uruguay legalize marijuana hbtv hemp beach tvLast December, Uruguay became the first country to legalize the sale of recreational cannabis. Now, in an effort to curb black market trafficking, the country’s National Cannabis Federation has launched cultivation training courses for local citizens interested in learning how to grow their own.

Taught by experienced growers, the courses will cover everything from initial seed germination to harvesting techniques and curing, as well as tips on how to prevent pests and provide proper fertilization. “It’s about learning to care for the plant, but also about the user’s own use,” says Efe Antonella, a cultivation expert who will be directing one of the workshops.

Citizens will be able to purchase up to 40 grams a month from cannabis clubs that should open soon (the Uruguaian Legislature has until April to finalize regulations for the legal market), but residents have been permitted to grow up to 6 plants of their own since December.

“The main advantage of self-cultivation is that the consumer knows exactly what [he or she] is smoking, is aware of the process and know what products has taken him to the ground,” says Antonella.

Residents are already signing up for the courses, citing reasons ranging from medical necessity, to just for fun.

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