Vaporizer makes using marijuana less harmful

zephyr hbtv hemp beach tvIn responding to legalizing marijuana, a letter Thursday addresses a health issue, i.e., ”When did any smoking become healthy?” I agree.

Inhaling burning plant materials, e.g., hemp or tobacco, can increase the risk of bronchitis, emphysema and lung cancer.

However, marijuana can be consumed by using a vaporizer, readily available over the Internet, which is a device that passes air heated to 325 to 350 degrees over dried marijuana.

This allows the active compounds, THC and other healthy (”non-high” producing) compounds such as cannabadiol and cannabinol, to be inhaled without burning the plant cellulose, which ignites at 451degrees.

Other advantages of using a vaporizer are that much less material need be used and the active compounds are not partially destroyed by burning. This is an example of the public health concept of harm reduction and supports the argument to legalize marijuana.

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