*Video* Conan O’Brien Eats Pot Brownie With Larry King & Andy Richter On Air

larry king conana obrein pot brownie edible hbtv hemp beach tvWhile on “Conan,” Larry King admitted he likes marijuana, aka jazz cigarettes for those in the know, but doesn’t want to deal with the smoke. Conan came prepared though and brought out a pot brownie, which he, King and Andy Richter then shared on air.

King, who appeared to become high almost immediately, said he had never tried edible marijuana because he wasn’t a “cookie man.” We’re guessing after that brownie he’ll be a cookie man, a brownie man and an anything-he-can-find-in-his-fridge man, too. He’s seen so many crazy things in his 80 years on this planet and at this point nothing really shocks Larry King anymore.


The veteran television personality showed up at “ Conan” (August 7) and eventually the conversation turned to Snoop Dogg and smoking pot. King confessed, “I smoked it a few times with my doctor. It was very enjoyable, I liked it, but I used to smoke a lot of cigarettes and I had a heart attack in 1987.”

“The day I got the heart attack I stopped smoking, and I was afraid to ever go back to marijuana again because I thought if I smoked marijuana, I’d go back to cigarettes.” Always looking to stir up trouble, Conan asked, “What about edible marijuana?” King replied, “I’m not a cookie man.” From there, O’Brien found a ‘pot brownie’ and offered it to Larry, who accepted on one condition- “Ok, I’ll take a bite if you take a bite.”

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*Video* Conan O’Brien Eats Pot Brownie With Larry King & Andy Richter On Air, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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