Voltron Forms to Create New Video Game

The ’80s were all about transforming robots. Whether you wanted the soap opera of Robotech, the warring factions in Transformers, or the ultimate robot lion action of Voltron, if you were a kid, you were into robots that turned into something else.

THQ and World Events Productions are set to bring you back to the ’80s with the release of a new Voltron game this fall. The Voltron game is set to coincide with the launch of a new animated TV series.

So what is Voltron?

Five brave pilots hop into flying robot lions and defend the planet Arus from King Zarkon and some crazy witch. Alone, the five lions are decent in battle, but together they form the mighty robot Voltron (Defender of the Universe, no less). When all five have clicked together, Voltron pops a head, gets a badass sword, and generally stomps all over anyone in its path.

There are no details on the game itself other than that it’s still in development for an unknown number of gaming platforms. Will it have cooperative play? Could you be the left leg of Voltron? We’ll know details later in the year.

For now, plan out how best to communicate between your left and right lion arms. You’re going to need to heft that mighty sword this fall and cut your enemies in half.

via: IGN

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