Was the Great Gatsby A Marijuana Dealer?

The Great Gatsby hbtv hemp beach tvCannabis Culture contributor Ellen Komp assembles the evidence that Jay Gatsby – the fictional star of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, which was adapted for film by Baz Luhrmann and released this Spring – was a weed dealer.

“Remember, Gatsby is set in the 20s, when pot was still legal and sold in pharmacies, as cigarettes or tinctures.

Gatsby is said to own a chain of drug stores at which anything, including bootleg liquor, can be bought. … one of Gatsby’s associates, Meyer Wolfsfheim, is modeled on Arnold Rothstein, the first international drug smuggler and gambler who famously fixed the 1919 World Series.”

And “After Gatsby sends a servant to mow Nick’s lawn in anticipation of the meeting, Nick tells him, “The grass is fine.”

“What grass?” asks Gatsby, before adding, “Oh, the grass in the yard.”

You make the call.

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