Washington stores to begin receiving marijuana licenses

washington recreational marijuana store hbtv hemp beach tvThe state Liquor Control Board announced Wednesday it planned to issue retail and producer licenses to recreational marijuana stores by the beginning of March. The announcement was welcome news to one man set to capitalize in the ever-growing legal marijuana industry.

Single marijuana producer limits approved
Sean Green, who runs Pacific Northwest Medical in Spokane, said he expected producers would be issued licenses first.

“I expect that the next month is going to be dedicated to issuing licenses for producers then moving onto the retail applicants after that,” said Green, a marijuana producer himself and a consultant in the industry. “If I had my crystal ball working, I’d say the beginning of March [to] the end of April would be when they’ll hold the retail lottery.”

Green said the state still needs to figure out who will be issued a retail license and it may require a lottery because of the high number of applicants.

He also said he was helping a local startup get ready for the booming retail marijuana market.

“The reason I got involved on the consulting side is because as a producer I need to know that I’m going to have a place to sell my product,” said Green.

Retail marijuana could go on sale by late summer in Spokane. Green estimated there would be 18 retail marijuana stores in Spokane County, including eight within Spokane’s city limits.

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