Weed Fairy visits Seattle and leaves a trail

times are tough take this weed hbtv hemp beach tvA little less know than the “Tooth Fairy” is the “Weed Fairy”. She actually exists and she’s visiting Seattle.  Capitol Hill is covered with so many signs, it’s easy to miss the ones with the free nug of marijuana that read, “These are tough times. Take this WEED and keep your spirits high.”The note is attributed to @danksyappleweed, otherwise known as the Weed Fairy.

“I never thought I’d end up being the Weed Fairy – the national Weed Fairy,” she said.

@danksyappleweed asked KING 5 to withhold her real name in order to protect the privacy of her new media start-up company.

Her marijuana mission began during the government shutdown last fall when several of her friends faced unpaid furloughs.

“I thought about what I could do to lighten the mood up,” she remembered. “I knew it would make people happy.”
So, she started posting the signs in Brooklyn where she lived at the time. She caught the attention of Jimmy Fallon. Soon, media headlines grew her brand as she continued her mission, following reactions on Twitter.
She remembers one man’s reaction upon discovering her gift.

“He blurted out, ‘This is why I love New York.'”

@danksyappleweed chose Seattle for her next hit after the legalization of recreational marijuana.

“Without having to worry about being handcuffed and thrown in jail,” she said.

Alison Holcomb was the primary author of I-502. According to her read, a felony under the legislation requires a direct exchange by someone without a license.

“If you’re not actually handing it to another individual, it’s not clear that qualifies as a delivery under our state law,” Holcomb said.

Since @danksyappleweed tapes her weed to poles and leaves, she isn’t technically giving anyone cannabis.

Holcomb’s main concern is whether a child takes the drug – or what’s in it. Before @danksyappleweed posts her weed, she has her friends smoke it. But she admits, she typically doesn’t stick around to see who takes it.
“They gave the thumbs up. It’s good weed,” she laughed.

On Friday evening, most people walking beside the signs on Capitol Hill took a second glance and took pictures but didn’t take the marijuana.

“I’m not really a big pot smoker, especially something on the street,” one man said.

The few who did take a chance on the nug didn’t seem to care about its unknown origin.

@danksyappleweed considers it an unconventional philanthropy for which she’s already donated $300 and plans to continue.

“I hope I can start a group of weed fairies and we can all get the world high.”

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