West Coast Master Medical Marijuana Grower Uncovers Secrets on 4/20

Throughout the U.S. West Coast resides a secret society of master growers who  are producing medical marijuana of unbelievable yields and potency. While most  growers are content with a yield of 2 ounces per plant, these West Coast Masters  consistently yield over a pound, and in some cases over 2 pounds, all while  staying within the limits of their medical marijuana programs.

In The Secrets of the West Coast  Masters launching this 4/20, Dru West uncovers never-before-published  medical marijuana growing techniques. From setting up a grow room and building  custom grow equipment, to harvesting potent medicine, Dru leaves no leaf  unturned in demonstrating the ways of the masters.

Dru West, author of The Secrets of the West Coast Masters said “I wrote this  book for those suffering from Cancer, HIV/AIDS, Multiple Sclerosis, chronic pain  and other debilitating diseases who find marijuana the only medicine that makes  their life more comfortable. The growing techniques outlined in this book will  ensure that they always have enough low cost medicine for their needs.”

The Secrets of the West Coast Masters is already receiving high praise in the  medical marijuana community. Marco Renda, publisher of Treating Yourself, The  Alternative Medicine Journal says “I would have to say that this is by far one  of the BEST grow books that I have had the pleasure of reading. It is filled  with comprehensive instructions that anyone can follow including the first time  grower. I would recommend this book to anyone who is thinking about growing  their own medicinal cannabis. Dru West truly has uncovered the ultimate  techniques for growing medicinal cannabis.”

High profile growers are also claiming The Secrets of the West Coast Masters  as a must read. Subcool, an internationally acclaimed West Coast marijuana  breeder, says “the main thing I like about this book is that it’s not just  another grow book. That information has been done over and over. This book is a  proven method that if followed correctly promises specific results. I am a fan  of big plants and in my opinion they produce medicine with more character. All  in all this is a must read for any serious grower!”

The Secrets of the West Coast Masters: Uncover the Ultimate Techniques for  Growing Medical Marijuana is to be launched at the World Famous Cannabis Café in  Portland, Oregon this 4/20, the most iconic date on the cannabis calendar.  Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP) patients who attend the launch party  will have the unique opportunity to try free samples of the actual medicine that  appears in photos in the book.

The book can be ordered online at westcoastmasters.com or purchased at select independent bookstores, medical marijuana clinics and  dispensaries across the U.S. Up to 20% of the book is  available to preview on Google Books

The West Coast Masters previously gained notoriety when they launched  BONGSTRONG wristbands to raise money for NORML, the National Organization for  the Reform of Marijuana Law. The $3 wristbands have raised hundreds of dollars  for Oregon NORML and can be purchased at bongstrongwristbands.com.

via : SFGate

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