What are the Cannabis Terpenes?

Cannabis Terpenes hbtv hemp beach tv 2016Although there is a lot of talk the last years about the Cannabinoids only the last year there is some information starting to spread the word about the Terpenes some chemical substances that Cannabis contains. Maybe it is because the research on Terpenes is not so extensive as for the Cannabinoids. The Terpenes are the chemical substances of Cannabis that are responsible for the taste and the aroma, Each cannabis strain has its own particular cannabinoid profile-it is a kind of identity that makes it distinguish from all the others the combinations are endless and give a unique character to each seed. While the cannabinoids give some psychoactive effects Terpenes are the aromatic molecules of cannabis. Terpenes are also included in many other plants. The location, the conditions of growing, the soil and the temperature of each particular plant are defining “the personality” of each plant whether its about Cannabis or another plant.

But do they have any therapeutic effects?

As with the Cannabinoids the Terpenes also have some medicinal properties.

While the Terpenes themselves do not have a primary healing function, they can enhance the beneficial effects of the compounds (Cannabinoids) which are primarily responsible for the healing of symptoms of serious illnesses like the psychoactive tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and the non psychoactive cannabidiol (CBD).

Aromatherapy uses the Terpenes which are essential oils for many therapeutic purposes. They are responsible for the taste and the fragrances of any particular plant.

The number of Terpenes that has been recognized is around a hundred and two hundreds but this number is not static-the research is an ongoing process.

Some of the most famous Terpenes are the following:


Borneol: Has the flavor of Menthol and pine and can be found also in cinnamon and wormwood. It is sedative and can be used against stress and Fatigue.

Myrcene is the Terpene that can be found in big quantities in every cannabis plant. It contains a taste of citrus and mint. It has an antiseptic function, works very well as a THC enhancer, and moreover has an anti-carcinogen, anti-depressant, anti-inflammatory and a muscle relaxing effect and can help with heart conditions

Cineole brings a minty spicy flavor and is found also in rosemary and eucalyptus. It stimulates the brain and works well in conditions of Neurological deficiencies.

Pinene is another very important Terpene with the flavor of Pine needles, It is also found in pines and other conifers and it is has a positive effect to mental focus and attention and additionally can help with ADHD but also to asthma as it is a very effective bronchodilator.

Limonene: as the name implies the fragrance here is citrus and the effects of this terpene ease stress conditions and anxiety.

Carophyllene: The woody aroma of this Terpene can be found in pepper and in clove. It has an Anti-inflammatory, analgesic effect and helps also with insomnia problems.


If we wanted to give a nice example then we would have to compare Cannabis plants with Grape vines. The taste and flavour and the properties of each one depends on a number of parameters.

The same happens with the plant of Cannabis. It seems that there is a lot to explore in the plant of Cannabis.

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