What is the Difference Between Indica and Sativa? MedMar of San Jose Offers Medical Marijuana Patients Free Consultations

Although laws and public opinion are increasingly in favor of medical marijuana, many patients are not getting the full potential benefits because they are unclear on the difference between sativa and indica-and the two strains have very different effects. MedMar Healing Center in San Jose, California is making sure patients understand what they are getting before they get it. One of the problems plaguing the San Jose medical cannabis community is a lack of knowledge about the differences between indica and sativa strains and their medicinal effects, according to MedMar Healing Center. The premier San Jose medical marijuana dispensary has taken the lead in patient education in the South Bay to ensure patients are obtaining the right medicine for their individual problem.

“Our patients’ health is our first priority-and that comes with education,” said MedMar representative Doug Chloupek. “Only by ensuring we understand our patient’s needs-and they understand the differences in the effects of our medications-are we able to treat our patients’ specific medical problems effectively.”

Instead of just handing out buds, the San Jose cannabis club’s highly trained budtenders initiate a conversation with the patient about the particular medical condition they are treating.

According to Jade Kine, renowned cannabis educator and writer for Kush Magazine and the lead instructor of CannAcademy, almost everything on the market today is a hybrid of indica and sativa. Sativa, says Kine, has a heady affect, while indica relaxes the body.

“Indica is useful for treating chronic pain, nausea and insomnia, while sativa is useful during the daytime,” said Kine. “Sativa’s effects can be compared to that of coffee: it sharpens the mind and gives the patient energy. It is often used to treat attention deficit disorder (ADD).”

MedMar is at the forefront of education in the San Jose medical marijuana community. The San Jose cannabis collective hosts the CannAcademy, a revolutionary learning facility that instructs and certifies cannabis growers in the fine art of cannabis production. MedMar believes that sharing knowledge helps medical marijuana patients lead healthier, happier lives.

“Unfortunately, the rise in medical marijuana usage across the country has not been met with a corresponding rise in education concerning the most effective ways to medicate using cannabis,” said Kine. “MedMar is really great at teaching people about the medications they are getting and how they will affect them.”

For more information about the differences between sativa and indica or to learn more about any of MedMar Healing Center’s products and services, call (408) 426-4400 or visit the San Jose dispensary online at www.sjmedmar.com. MedMar is located at 170 South Autumn Street, San Jose, CA 95110.

About MedMar Healing Center
MedMar Healing Center is a San Jose medical marijuana dispensary, acting as an easily accessible resource for Bay Area medical marijuana patients. They are a community-based San Jose medical cannabis club centrally located in downtown San Jose, only blocks from the San Jose Sharks home, HP Pavilion. They are close to major freeways and thoroughfares, and are located near all the major public transit options, including Diridon Station.

MedMar provides residents of San Jose with medical marijuana in many forms, including flowers, hash, edibles, and concentrates. MedMar Healing Center tests each of their strains of medicine for a Cannabinoid profile, which helps their knowledgeable staff recommend the best medicine for the diverse ailments of each client. About Jade Kine Each step of the way in medical marijuana legalization, Jade Kine has been on the forefront of the search for the secrets of reliable marijuana cultivation. Jade Kine constantly innovates with grow house creations such as his display garden and modified easy-cloner. Throughout his experience in the industry, Jade has never been shy to go against conventional wisdom, choosing instead to experiment, because proper marijuana growing techniques are still in their infancy and changing daily.

His first professional position in the medical cannabis industry was as Greenhouse Manager. Throughout his time, he oversaw the propagation of more than a million plants from 3 indoor greenhouses, managing 35 employees and 300 lights (1000w) worth of production. This is still the largest single dispensary operation in the history of the medical marijuana community boasting a weekly payroll totaling $170,000 a week.

After Jade left in 2004, he went to work at a nutrient distribution company, which was the first nutrient company to market directly towards marijuana growers. While there, he oversaw both the marketing and technical support divisions as well as managing east coast sales, giving him an unparalleled view of the trials and tribulations of the average marijuana grower looking for a reliable nutrient company in the United States.

Wanting a return to Cannabis specific cultivation instruction, Jade spent his time developing a 21 course cultivation curriculum to dispel all of the disinformation currently existing in the marijuana growing industry. This was the 1st trade school dedicated entirely to medical marijuana cultivation, in contrast to other facilities such as Oaksterdam which offer only a few classes on growing and instead focus on the legal, political and business side of medical marijuana. CannAcademy stays strict to the model of a trade school offering only instruction on the skilled trade of marijuana cultivation.

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