Whoops, Large box of marijuana delivered to wrong Sacramento house

large box of marijuana shipped hbtv hemp beach tvHomeowner George Burton wasn’t expecting any packages this week, especially not one this big, but Thursday evening his dog sitter brought in a large FedEx Kinkos Box that was sitting on his front porch.

“It was addressed to me or a return address to me: my name, my address were hand-written on this package,” Burton said.

The package had several different addresses on it, including one from Illinois. When no one claimed it at the Kinkos on J Street, the box was sent to the return address listed as Burton’s home of eight years.

“We start opening it up and it’s filled with that packing Styrofoam, the spray-in stuff that’s hard to get through,” said Burton. “We break into it, I look, and say, ‘This isn’t what I think it is?'”

The package contained 11 pounds of tightly packaged marijuana. Burton immediately called police, who were just as surprised.

“The officer who responded said a lot of times people will say they found a lot of pot and it’s just in a ziplock bag, he said, ‘you definitely have a lot of pot.'”

Burton said a sergeant confirmed it was about $24,000 worth of marijuana. Burton and his fiancee decided not to stay in their house the next day; instead they posted several signs reading “Kinkos/FedEx Box Given to Sac Police.”

“I’m really concerned someone is going to come looking for this,” Burton said. “People have gotten hurt for a lot less than $24,000 worth of marijuana.”

Sacramento police told Burton his name may have been chosen at random, but Burton hopes his home hasn’t been used for drug trafficking before.

He has this message to the real owners of the 11 pounds of marijuana.

“I don’t have it,” Burton said. “If you dropped it here and my house is some kind of drug drop spot, Sac PD has it. Don’t use my house anymore. Go find somewhere else to drop off your marijuana.”

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