Younger Brother from “Home Improvement” Taran Noah Smith busted for possession of Hash

Child actor Taran Noah Smith was busted recently for drug possession in Los Angeles County. The former star of the series Home Improvement hasn’t been in the headlines, or on television, in quite some time but it’s well known that this young man leads an interesting life to say the least. He was once in the headlines for marrying a woman far older than him when he was still just a teen!

Anyway, it’s reported that Taran Noah Smith, former child actor, was pulled over on suspicion of driving under the influence. When he was pulled over police noted the stench of marijuana and that he looked to be under the influence of the “drug.” Upon a brief search they discovered that Smith had in his possession hashish, or hash—which is a condensed marijuana product.

Apparently the possession of hash is a felony, so he’s in jail right now and there’s no telling what he’s facing. Since he’s not a high profile celebrity they probably won’t go easy on him like he’s Lindsay Lohan or some other pathetic child actor. Nonetheless, marijuana and hash really shouldn’t be considered drugs. The fact that it was in his possession isn’t as big a deal as him driving under impairment. Maybe he can recruit some help from former Home Improvement cast mates, Tim Allen and Jonathan Taylor Thomas!

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