YouTube Videos Lead to Pot Bust

youtube logo hbtv hemp beach tvThe Rockingham County Drug Task Force charged a local man with growing $16,000 worth of marijuana this week after authorities said he posted a bunch of videos on YouTube chronicling his work.

Kyle T. Berry, of 515 Bunker Hill Rd. in Auburn, was charged with manufacturing and possessing marijuana at his home. His bail was set at $7,500.

Berry’s YouTube videos were posted under the name “beginnergrowerktb1,” according to a police report. Authorities said the “ktb” stood for Berry’s initials. They were tipped off to the videos by an informant, according to the police report.

Berry doesn’t directly show his face in the videos, but authorities said at one point his face can be seen in a wall reflection, according to the police report. Authorities said they compared the reflection to a booking photo of Berry from a previous arrest.

Police said he was growing marijuana strains nicknamed “Purple Cheese” and “Auto Chocolate Skunk,” among others.

Berry told police he bought his growing equipment from Hydro 101 in Manchester and ordered marijuana seeds by mail from a place called “Herbies” in the United Kingdom, according to the police report.

Berry’s alleged videos were still up on YouTube as of Thursday. One of them can be found to the right under “Videos.” The three-page police report can be found under “Photos.”

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